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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

SPECIAL REPORT: Australia's P&I Cliff (the great interest-only reset)


Are you a fund manager, sophisticated or institutional investor interested in Australia's markets?

Changes to mortgage lending standards are the biggest issue facing Australia's housing markets in 2018 and beyond, as the market regulator has taken decisive action to tackle rising household debt as it approaches 200 per cent of annual household disposable income. 

My guess is your main concern right now is making sense of the variables to give you a framework for analysing firms, market opportunities, and future trends in Australia. 

This report is for you. 

About me

If you're not a regular reader of this site, I'm Pete Wargent, a housing market analyst - you can find a sample of some of my recent media work here

I write reports for funds and sophisticated investors. 

As anticipated in the WargentAdvisory 2017-18 Long & Short Reports last year, billions of dollars of interest-only mortgages are now falling due for reset, leaving investors with multiple investment property mortgages unable to cope with the 40 to 50 per cent jump in repayments.

Already in the past week there have been multiple media stories of high-profile investors and large property investment clubs running into strife.

It's the hot topic in Australia at the moment, and with good reason.  

You may recall that WargentAdvisory warned about this last year in one of our client notes, as was reported in some parts of the media

And our in-depth analysis shows that this problem and the fallout will continue to build momentum for a long time to come, resulting in mortgage stress and forced sales in some markets.

But when, where, and to what extent? 

Buy your report today

For funds, institutions, and other clients interested in the timing, magnitude, and impacts of Australia's interest-only reset, we've put together a new WargentAdvisory report Australia's P&I Cliff: The great interest-only reset

This report comprises concise, data-driven analysis, combined with on the ground experience of Australia's housing markets - as property agents we see what's going on first hand - summarising everything you need to know.

Click through on the report image below to order your report samples.  

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If you're an international fund or investor interested in Australia, you'll be aware that there's been a great deal of interest on the short side in recent years, but most investors haven't navigated the opportunities as well as they might have done.

Please note that for legal reasons the report is only available to fund managers, institutional, and sophisticated investors.  

If you're interested in receiving powerful tactical analysis and actionable trends, get in contact and order your report samples today

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