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Thursday, 23 August 2018

6 of the best (Jonathan Giles)

Aussie money habits

In this mini-series I ask some well known Aussies some personal stuff about their money habits. 

This week, I give 6 of the best to AFL ruckman Jonathan Giles, who's football career over the past decade and more has taken in its fair share of interstate and coast-to-coast travel, from Port Adelaide to Essendon, and from GWS Giants in Sydney to the West Coast Eagles. 

'Joffa' has built a property portfolio in Australia on his travels, and, as we'll discover, some crypto!


6 of the best: Jonathan Giles

1. What did you learn about money during your formative years (positive or negative)?

I didn't learn a great deal about money growing up.

My parents were careful savers and probably taught me to save money and not waste it.

To value it.  

2. What career and/or money advice would you give to your younger self?


I would've told myself to get educated about finance and investing from a younger age.

The younger you learn and the earlier you have that knowledge, the more time you have on your side for good decisions to set you up for the future.

3. What have been your best and worst investments?

My best investment would have to be the time I invested in getting educated and learning from others - and I mean both in life and investing experience.

My worst investment - no doubts, the highly speculative cryptocurrencies (that I still hold!).

4. In terms of business/investment how would you describe yourself in one sentence?

In a sentence: I invest for the long term, and take some calculated risks.

5. Do you have any formal or informal financial mentors?

I like to learn from a variety of people, through blogs, books, magazines, and podcasts.

So I consider these people to be my informal mentors. 

I invest in property and [PIPA Chairman and property author/educator] Peter Koulizos has always someone I've been able to talk to, and to learn so much from. 

6. What are your ambitions or goals for the future?

I want to get more involved in developments and learn from people that have done it all before me.

I'd also possibly like to start my own building and development company one day.

Thanks Joff, best of luck!