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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Matusik Missive - Special Offer for Blog Readers!

'Experts' proliferate

Free advice is usually worth approximately what you pay for it, as the old saying goes.

The property market is now rising solidly in Brisbane and house prices recorded capital growth of a shade over 6 percent in 2014 according to the Domain Group.

Consequently the Brisbane market is suddenly and totally unsurprisingly chock full of general real estate 'experts' picking out new 'hotspots' in apparently random outer suburban locations ("steepling unemployment? no worries!" etc.).

Thankfully last week I had a very pleasant lunch (Vietnamese, since you ask) with a genuine expert in Queensland's diverse property markets with decades of experience therein, Michael Matusik.

Gold dust

In an era when the volume of freely available property market information is increasing exponentially - the great bulk of it at best being completely useless, and at worst downright dangerous - Matusik's emailed Missives are modern day gold dust.

An example?

Well, I keep hearing from so-called experts that inner Sydney's property market will become flooded with apartments leading to a chronic oversupply. 

Really? There are a few new tower blocks set to hit the Central Business District, that's true.

Of course, armchair experts often see a couple of cranes and leap to conclusions, but in Sydney's case it does need to be remembered that a great deal of the construction around the city is for commercial purposes, not residential, such as is the case down at Barangaroo.

Anyways, today's Matusik Missive landed in my inbox and I learned that:

"What isn’t understood is exactly where new dwelling starts actually take place within our major urban areas.  Many would think it is all downtown.  They are wrong."

The hard facts

While it is true that a number of apartment blocks have been approved in and around the Sydney CBD. Matusik produces the hard numbers to show that in financial year 2014 a grand total of 6,793 approvals were granted for new housing starts in Sydney's inner suburbs.

6,793 approvals. 

This in a city such as Greater Sydney where the total population growth is likely to end up being around 85,000 new heads for the financial year.

Matusik's figures show that in fact twice as many of the total Sydney market dwelling approvals were granted for Sydney's outer suburbs, with the balance in the middle ring suburbs.

As you can imagine to someone who has owned a portfolio of inner Sydney properties over the long haul, this type of information has the potential to prove very valuable to me.

Better still thanks to today's Missive I now also have access to the equivalent data for Melbourne (a totally different story, might I add!), Greater Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Did you know that across Australia the greatest number of of capital city dwelling approvals took place in the outer and fringe suburbs, while well under a quarter of capital city approvals were in inner suburban locations? 

Supply and demand imbalances abound.

I had an inkling that this might be the case, but I didn't know for sure...until today that is, and now I have the full picture.

And that was just one Matusik Missive!

I get two per week landing in my inbox.

Matusik subscription offer

Annual subscriptions to Matisik Missives normally cost $150 + GST, which doesn't even buy one coffee a week these days, and I was certainly already happy enough to pay for these great updates.

However, I'm delighted to say that I have negotiated a special discount for readers of my blog of $50 + GST, bringing the total cost down to $100 + GST for a year's subscription, which works out rather nicely at $100 for 100 Missives.

To subscribe, go here and use the code "WargentMissive" to grab your discount. The offer is only available for a short period of time, so jump on it today.

All Missives are written by Michael Matusik himself in his own inimitable style, "a labour of love, so to speak" in Michael's own words.

Matusik Missives are available by email only and Matusik Missive subscribers also receive a 20 percent discount on Matusik reports and master class sessions.

There are no financial incentives, commissions or kickbacks for me, I should add, I'm just sharing some all-too-rare quality information.

If you're serious about property, I recommend that you sign up today!


Later this morning, Labour Force figures, which will go a long way to determining April's interest rate decision.